Benefits Of Pet CBD Oil

When it comes to doing what’s best for our pets, most pet parents will stop at nothing to ensure their furry friends are truly happy and healthy. While this may be true, many owners out there today with aging or ill cats and dogs certainly wish there was a better option for providing their pets with relief rather than paying for frequent, expensive trips to the veterinarian. At R&R Naturals, we understand how important your pet is to you, which is why we are happy to offer a potential solution — a natural solution one that is helping animals everywhere live happier and healthier lives — CBD oil for pets.

How CBD Oil Works For Pets

With all of they hype that has been surrounding CBD pet products, you’re probably asking yourself, “How does CBD work for pets too?”


Just like us, animals have an endocannabinoid system, meaning they can get the same relief as you from CBD. While both humans and pets produce these natural cannabinoids on our own that are used to regulate a variety of our physiological functions, they can be an insufficient amount for what we actually require to remedy many conditions. This is where CBD can have a great impact — providing an extra boost of cannabinoids that, in turn, boost the efficiency of the endocannabinoid system in you or your pet.


Veterinarians have been administering pets CBD oil for years now with promising results in relieving a variety of different conditions.


The following are some of the reasons that pet owners around the country are opting to give their furry friends hemp for pets:

Benefits of Hemp For Pets

CBD For Pets With Stress And Anxiety

Most pets suffer from anxiety in some points in their lives, whether it’s from separation, storms, long car rides, or visits to the vet’s office. In many cases, especially with pets that experience it often, it can be seriously detrimental to their health. Just as it does for us, CBD increases your pet’s serotonin amounts to a balanced level, which stabilizes their mood and helps relieve and prevent their anxiety.


CBD For Pets With Pain

CBD can also be an incredible pain reliever for pets with less side effects than other pain medications that are usually administered. When pets age, many become prone to arthritis symptoms like hip and joint pain that most other pet anti-inflammatories aren’t effective at combating. Hemp for pets has proven to reduce inflammation throughout the body from arthritis or injury, relieving your pet’s pain and keeping them lively and active even in their older age.


CBD For Pets With Seizures

CBD has been highly regarded for its strong anticonvulsant properties. It has even been prescribed to humans suffering from forms of chronic seizures through the new FDA-approved medicine, Epidiolex. So if your pet has begun to experience seizures or tremors, CBD pet oil can help get them under control and potentially prevent them altogether, relieving your furry friend’s suffering in a natural, healthy manner.


CBD For Pets With Nausea

If you’re having trouble getting your dog or cat to eat full meals, CBD can also help relieve nausea and vomiting while simultaneously stimulating their appetite. This is because CBD influences receptors in parts of the brain and in the gastrointestinal tract that produce and bind with serotonin, a neurotransmitter. Nausea occurs when excess amounts of serotonin begin flooding your body, so CBD allows serotonin levels to rise without the side effects of nausea and vomiting accompanying it.


CBD For Pets Promotes Heart Health

Many pets as they age can succumb to heart problems due to their hyperactivity over the course of their lives. While more research is still being gathered, CBD pet products have also demonstrated that they can modulate irregular heart rates, protect blood vessels from damage, dilate the arteries, and reduce the increase in heart rate and blood pressure that comes along with stress and anxiety.



How To Give Your Pet CBD Oil

While the known side effects from giving larger doses of hemp for pets are next to none, with only reports of drowsiness and diarrhea occurring with some, it’s still important to know how much to administer to your furry friend to ensure they’re getting the best experience and you’re getting the most out of your pet CBD oil.


The amount of pet CBD oil required for your furry friend will be determined by a few factors. Much like the factors for humans, weight, body chemistry, metabolism, and what condition you are treating all play a role in determining how much CBD oil is best for your pet. For example, an 90-pound golden retriever suffering from chronic seizures will require a much larger dosage of CBD for relief than a shih tzu who suffers from separation anxiety.


When giving your pet CBD oil, simply place a dropper full of the tincture into their mouth under their tongue. If your pet doesn’t respond well to this method, you can also choose to apply a few drops at a time into the palm of your hand and allow them to lick it off. You can even apply it to their morning food or in a treat — the possibilities are endless.


From all of us at R&R Naturals, we hope that we’ve shed some light on why CBD pet oil is becoming one of the most popular pet products on the market today, helping dogs and cats around the world experience relief from their health struggles with natural solutions.

Since our CBD pet oil comes from the finest, natural hemp oil, you can be assured that your furry friend is getting nothing but the best.  You can order R&R Naturals CBD pet products online and have them shipped right to your door anywhere in the country.

Dogs and cats nationwide are living happier, healthier lives thanks to the wonders of hemp for pets, and we’re willing to bet your furry pal can’t benefit from it too. So take a break from paying for the frequent vet visits and prescriptions, and give CBD pet oil a try today to experience the future of natural wellness.