Option 4 Retail Package


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4-250mg Sugared Cherries

4-500mg Sugared Cherrie

4-1000mg Sugared Cherries

4-500mg Vape Refills (1-VC, 1-MC, 1-PM, 1-SC)

4-1000mg Vape Refills (1-VC, 1-MC, 1-PM, 1-SC)

4-30ct 150mg Gummies (Tropical Fruit)

Bonus-10 Lip Balm (Orange Cream)

Note: Shipping is not included. All Packages are premade and can not be changed. However, after the first order you may purchase from the wholesale price list.

Side Note: Optional Packages are prices off of tier 2 discount

For Reps: Lip Balm is a bonus item (not to be included with item count)



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